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WMMR 93.3 FM
The Great Nippulini puts his jewlery in:..:The bowling ball is authenicated
Stretching the nipples and holding the ball was enough to make the morning radio hosts cringe in their seats!
And it's a swinging good time at 93.3 WMMR
The morning show at WMMR 93.3 FM in Philadelphia featured the Great Nippulini the day of the record setting event.  A great time was had by all, even though it was WAYY to early in the morning for him to be up.

A favorite of the crowd.... the bowling pins
The Great Nippulini warms up with his standard bowling ball and pins act.

This machine was calibrated by an offical from Harrisburg immediately before the show.
This is an official scale from the PA Dept. of Weights and Measures.  The seal is legitimate and the scale is obviously reading 48.30 pounds.... EXACTLY!

''okay, now what to do?'':..:All set...
Setting up the whole rig was a project all in itself!

..getting ready..
Sideshow Bennie offers a hand to help out.

The first anvil is JUST about to be lifted, as Sideshow Bennie prepares to remove it's support.:..:The 30 pounds anvil is up!  Bennie moves the box backwards and out of the way.

The 15 pound secondary anvil is up!  This completes the total weight (chains and harness included) of 48.3 pounds!:..:Another view of the final lift.

Then, the Great Nippulini holds the pose for a moment, letting the world take in the splendor of the strongest nipples!:..:Just look at those NIPPLES!
There it is, folks... the standing record of 48.30 POUNDS, lifted by his nipples alone!


Yet another event at the infamous "Tritone" of Philadelphia, the Great Nippulini broke his personal lifting record and set a World Record for "Most Amount of Weight Lifted by Nipple Piercings".  After a warm up run of bowling pins and the ball, the Great Nippulini took extreme care and time into setting up the rigging for this one.  The pieces were weighed by an official from the PA Dept of Weights and Measures prior to the lift-off.  The first anvil (30 Pounds) lifted without a hitch, then the chains became taut and the smaller 15 pound anvil is airborne.  The whole lift lasted about 10 seconds.

UPDATE  3/20/04!
The Great Nippulini did receive a certificate from the world record commission on March 20th, 2004 verifying this claim.  It is official that the Great Nippulini did in fact lift 48.3 pounds (21.9 kg) from his pierced nipples!

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