as advertised...
Here it is, the 1980 Ford Pinto Station Wagon.  This is what it looked like as advertised.

Now! :..:Now!
Here's what it looks like today!

The following pictures showcase what I have been doing to it, or skip to the list of modifications :

The grille and headlamp buckets got a facelift, primered and painted to match the body,
something that Ford never did with the Pinto, but in my opinion should have.  I believe it
to give the car a cleaner, sleeker look

Better than a pissing Calvin!Roof rack ready to go!Lettin' the world know that this is a Pinto!
The stickers are how I let everyone on the road know what a "Pinto " is... and that "Ford" made it.
The roof rack is stripped down to the plain frame, no ugly unneccesary vinyl trim strips here!

Gettin' some tail!''Eye'' am on the wheel...The name says it all!
The chromed tip tail pipe accentuates the beauty rings on the Rallye mags wheels.  Yes,
that is an eyeball trying to look like a valve cap.  I made them myself from plastic eight ball
aftermarket valve caps and "googlie" eyes.  The Pinto badge shines on...

White gauges just make it look cooler!Original ''Kicking Pinto'' horn buttonYes.... it's an eight track
Some interior shots.  The white face gauges are after-market and compliment the interior by
matching the exterior paint.  The horn button is an original " Kicking Pinto" center cap option.
And of course, the eight-track AM / FM radio works like a charm.   It is holding an original
factory Ford tape "A Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Quadrasonic Sound" available
for Ford automobiles that came with the eight-track radio option.

Eye can see you! :..:EYE can see you too!
This is my custom made eyeball stick shift knob.  I made this myself using an old eight-ball
aftermarket shift knob.  I put a thick layer of clear coat on it and it looks (and feels) SICK!
(and yes, that is a Johnny Cash 8-track tape in the background).

Engine, when purchased and cleaned :..:Original
This is what the engine compartment looke like when I bought the car.  I cleaned it up
a bit for the photo.  At the time, I was thinking "Sweet! Looks good"....  what was I thinking?!

Today, cleaner and detailed :..:Real Hooker header
This is what the engine looks like today.  Notice how you can see the original white paint
on the firewall now.  The whole engine block, head, valve cover, even the air cleaner got a nice
coat of original Ford engine blue paint.  New spark plugs and wires, looms, even the dipstick
got attention.  What really makes this baby move, and sound wicked at a stoplight is the
Hooker header bolted onto the cylinder head.

UPDATE, August 2006

The yellow base gets a few coats  Nice and shiny
After finding a good rear door replacement, I quickly painted it orange... I had to cover the "Poo Brown"
original paint that it came with.  Here's the first layer of yellow paint prepped, masked and applied (left).
Most of the masking removed shows base yellow flame lines (right).

I drew temper colors on the roof rack with a blowtorch  Obligatory kooky angle shot
Even the top gets attention.  Notice the roof racks "burnt" appearance?

Most folks put the flames on their hot rods on the FRONT of the car
Here's the whole package.  Only Pinto lovers get this...

Thanks for coming, stay tuned for updates!
Bye now... y'all come back soon!
The (somewhat greasey) Great Nippulini

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