The Great Nippulini’s Statistics:
Name :The Great Nippulini
Occupation :Unknown
Marital Status :Unknown
Religion :Asatru’ (unknown)
Location :East Coast
Age :Unknown
Sex :M
Height :5′ 11″ (?)
Weight :160 lbs (?)
Nipple size :9/16″ diameter, 7/16″ length
Jewelry size :00 gauge (AWG)
9.82 mm
Maximum weight :Lifting – 8 to 45 lbs
Pulling – 300 to 500 lbs
Towing :Towed 2,000 pound Hotrod
History :First public appearance as street
venue act in mid 1999, early 2000
performed at fetish venue “DOMINION”,
mid 2001 at Philadelphia Fringe
Festival, early to mid 2002 travelled
with “Rev. Johnny Hell’s Psycho-
Sexual Freakshow”, Summer 2002 Smirnoff sponsored
event at Club Flow, Summer 2002 worked with Phila.
Support Original Music Festival, 2002 Phila. Fringe
Festival, Philadelphia Hotrod Howdown IV towed a car
weighing 2,000 pounds, 2002 SHOCK Therapy fetish
event “Body Modification Night”, 2003 Guest Featured
on Sideshow Saturday Night at SoHo Theatre, performing
many many many shows since and through 2004 to 2005 and