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Choosing the Right Packaging Tape

Packing tapes have two primary applications; sealing shipping boxes and sealing storage boxes. Thus, carton sealing tape is available in a wide range of varieties taking into account the desired adhesive type, color, application, thickness, and width. These types of adhesives vary and choosing the right one is critical to a successful closure of the package. Nowadays, you can get custom printed packing tape for branding purposes. You need to ensure that the tape you buy sticks to the corrugated box so that the items contained therein arrive at their destination safely. In addition, you need to ensure the seal lasts based on storage environment.

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape

This type of packing tape is widely used in shipping boxes because of its superior holding power. Usually, shipping boxes that are subjected to rough handling while on transit, but a hot met tape ensures that the boxes remain sealed.

Water Activated Tape

packing tapeThis is also called gummed paper tape. It offers an aggressive and instant bond to the corrugated surfaces. Moreover, it is tamper-evident because of the immediate destructive bond. It is a good adhesive tape for the recycled and virgin fiber corrugated boxes. The kraft paper tapes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, the nature of the paper allows for custom printing. This makes it an ideal branding opportunity for your business.

Acrylic Packing Tape

This is a top choice for the storage boxes. The adhesive can handle a wide range of settings and temperatures, including garages, storage facilities, and warehouses. You should note that acrylic packing tape plays a great role in maintaining the seal.

Duct Tape

using packing tapeThe applications of duct tape are nearly endless. For instance, they can serve as a carton sealing tape or a temporary auto fix to using it for sealing ductwork systems. The good thing about this type of tape is that it can adhere to nearly any surface. The truth is that this is the most commonly used on pressure sensitive applications. In addition, you can use it as a creative decorating tool in fashion.

The thickness of Adhesive Tape

This is an important consideration because it has a relation to the weight of the package. Usually, packaging tapes are between 1.6 mils to 3.0 mils. If you have lightweight packages, you can go with a 1.7 mil tape. You can get an online guide that can act as a quick reference to determine the right tape thickness for the package.…